Goblin Sword Effects 





Make amazing stylish photos using Goblin Sword Effects, and show your surroundings how cursed person you are, with our collection of super power effects.

Now with Goblin Sword Effects it's easier than ever! Goblin Sword Camera makes you having the amazing power between your hands, That allows you participating in the goblin challenge, and of course you will be looking super powerful ;)

Goblin Sword stickers are simple to use on your photos! Just take a photo or choose one from gallery, and our photo editor will turn you into goblin k-drama superman with super power effects.
The more creativity you spend the coolest effects you design, with our collection of : Real goblin swords and blades, goblin chibi characters, hadouken, kamehameha power, colorful lasers, super natural explosions, electric waves, smoke effects, fire and sands...
More and more to discover.

*Take a picture or choose one from gallery.
*Select your desired sword goblin effects.
*Apply them to your pic, and stay the purest goblin korean drama fan.


* 99 Super power effects in high quality.
* Real Goblin sword filters.
* Super hero features, fighter mode and street fighting.
* Awesome Frames.
* Amazing text styles and fonts.
* Colorful overlays.
* Incredible enhancements...

---- "In file manager your pictures saved in : File Manager/DCIM/Goblin Sword Effects"